Pastel Paintings

Paintings done using pastel sticks are displayed below. Click on any image to see a larger image in a slideshow. Details of the painting are below the image if the mouse cursor is on the image. Dimensions are in inches and shown as height x width. Use the "<" and ">" icons to view the previous or following image. Use the "x" icon to exit the slideshow.

These original paintings can be purchased. See Buying guidelines at Buy.

Image of <i>Big Daddy</i>, Pastel, 7 x 5, $35.00 Image of <i>Old Mesilla Blue Door</i>, Pastel, 7 x 5, $35.00 Image of <i>Southwest Still Life</i>, Pastel, 8 x 8, $56.00 Image of <i>Southwest Vase</i>, Pastel, 10 x 8, $70.00